To report an animal carcass Khiyav News Alkhlqh and strange creatures like the prehistoric village near the city functions Aq Bvlagh Meshginshahr discovered


Khiyav News: To report an animal carcass Khiyav News Alkhlqh and strange creatures like the prehistoric village near the city functions Aq Bvlagh Meshginshahr discovered by residents of this village Was. 
More like this animal carcasses carnivorous birds scientific films, fiction (birds descended from dinosaurs) is by the handful of residents of this village have been discovered. The animal carcass was almost normal and witnesses are even likely that only a few days past the death of this animal is. 
The report suggests that one of the residents of this village animal carcasses and built hide Meshginshahr environmental agents in an effort to achieve this are carcasses.Some villagers say this animal carcasses have been closely observed and the possibility that these animals are in a cave near the village has lived. 
And some of the officers responsible for environmental protection Meshginshahr visit to the village and the villagers several claims based on all these strange animals have been heard. They also discovered a site visit and saw this creature works to discover such a creature in the cave have been referred to the villagers.

But the reporter trying to find this person's site and this animal carcasses remained inconclusive, but by residents of this village movies and photos that we had been reached.

Reports suggest local authorities in the city informed of the accuracy of this matter have been mobilized and person finder warrants that this animal is not currently available to deliver this has been issued. 
This generation is very similar carcass extinct carnivorous dinosaurs and prehistoric birds is based on the latest generation of scientific research called avian dinosaurs 'T. rex' or wrongdoing related to the dinosaur era 'Cretaceous' in 65 million years ago is.

Site reporter during a telephone conversation with the head of city environmental bureau how to act in front of this issue was sustained:

Environmental Agency chief Hossein Dehghani city Meshkinshahr about this rare phenomenon, added: "Reports that have brought this case to quickly and sustained issue, we find the person to deliver the carcass to the animal but unfortunately we act the person Considering the existence of photographs taken from the original animal deny this issue and was willing to cooperate, but as soon as possible for access to the carcasses of these animals have to get other channels to act more quickly to turn this thread.

Head of the Environmental Agency in the city Meshkinshahr site to answer the reporter's presence in the probability of genetic mutations place according to the geothermal power plant up there as well as animal and adding to this the fact that we not come and talk to the expert on this do not issue any comment he could not continue in this confusion will float.

In addition to meeting these statements indicate that residents of this village is that the person mentioned by unauthorized digging at this place Find a cave, this animal also has found this place, but the carcasses staying healthy animal on this uncertainty and increased the probability that there is far-fetched enough to weather and environmental conditions led to this place from this animal is think about improving.